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Tiny Gardens ROCK!!

Creating this beautiful Kitchen for my friend, Joanne, was a Blast!! When I hear, “ oh, I can’t garden because I don’t have enough space,” I will pull out these pictures so you can see the magic we created here!! We had a long, narrow alleyway in which to grow, so if you think you can’t have your own great Kitchen Garden on a small deck, balcony, or porch, see here what we have created.. plenty of good food will be grown here!! Joanne loves to cook with good, organic food and loves to experiment with herbs to surprise her hubby with new yummy recipes. Actually, I just talked to her a couple days after this Install, and because her sweet mint had grown so much, she was researching new ways to include her mint into a dish and maybe even a new summer drink.

I am really enjoying helping my friends create their gorgeous Kitchen Gardens to encourage eating healthier food, and also to encourage trying new ways to enjoy their food, a healthier lifestyle..


Tiny Gardens ROCK!!

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