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Thanksgiving, my Special Gratitude for YOU..

Updated: Nov 25, 2022   It is that special time of year when I feel compelled to thank so many people who have become my friends and have supported me in my business. I feel like I am a Transformation Specialist.

I transformed "Plain Jane” spaces into magical, Kitchen Gardens, large and small.

I built and assisted in building Kitchen Gardens, full of veggies, herbs and flowers. I enabled people to become more self-sufficient, and to feel more of a sense of accomplishment and joy in their lives. I was honored to help them to feed their souls at the same time that the were feeding their tummies.

I have been working for the past 18 months  developing and working in my Garden Coach business, teaching gardening skills to students of all ages.

I feel blessed and so grateful for your friendship and your support .

I look forward in our continuing to work and grow together, to reap bountiful harvests and enjoy lots more “ Peas of Mind.

To future successes,

good health, and happiness

Jan Mallett

Connecting People,

     One Gardener at a TIME…”



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