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Testamonial July 11, 2021

Joanne Gallogly

A couple months ago I began planting in pots for my patio again. Last year I was kind of disappointed; it just did not produce what I had hoped for. I had fantastic gardens when I lived in Franklin but I figured it must have been beginners luck 🤷🏻‍♀️ Recently I saw an old friend had started a consultation business for gardening and thought it might be what I needed, a little guidance! I am so glad I contacted her. Jan came over and we discussed what I wanted, I only had a small patio, 😕 and the side of the house which is a very narrow area recessed from where I park. I bought a raised bed and Jan bought various plants and herbs- two that I had never used before! She helped me plant, gives me tips, checks in with a text…and you guys, my garden is amazing!! It has really taken off! Today she stopped over with some food for my plants and a book with a plan for the next session- I mean a folder of what to plant & when (specific to where I live!) and different layouts, it is so thorough. and I harvested my side dish tonight while we chatted for a little while- (today it was Swiss Chard, scallions, chives and Thai Basil) out of the garden.. I sautéed in a little water, garlic and a twist of pepper and salt. So good! If you are looking for gardening help, especially in a small space, I highly recommend getting in touch with her. I am so pleased!

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