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Shop Now and Save Big on Winter Sales to Prepare for a Stunning Spring Garden

January and February are typically the slowest times of the year for garden stores. Cold weather and frozen ground make it almost impossible to do any gardening. Even if you get a plant in the ground, it will often die in the freezing temperatures.🥶

Take a look at your existing inventory. Chances are that the local garden supply stores have plenty of gardening supplies left over from last year. Since most garden stores also have contracts with their suppliers, they expect shipments of the same supplies in the spring.🌻

Many stores have their seed packets on sale now too. This is garden planning time NOW!!.🌱

Make a list: write down your everyday or every week foods that you eat and decide which ones you will grow this year, WHY?✅

✅to save money$$

✅to make your yard more beautiful

✅to make sure that you and your family have a great supply of organic food

✅to be sure that YOUR favorite herbs are always available at your fingertips

✅to be healthier, eating your own fresh food

There are so many reasons to start gardening this year.. the bigger question is Why NOT??🤷‍♀️

If you are serious and want to begin growing your own food, you need to learn some simple skills, then just DO IT!!👨‍🌾

Write GARDENER in the comments below and I will email you a CT Planting Chart and Monthly Task List to make your gardener life SO EASY.

Let’s get growing TOGETHER…👫👬👭

Happy Winter,


Connecting People,

  One Gardener at a TIME..

    Creating “ Peas of MIND..”

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