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Preston CT. Gardeners, “Spicing up” their Lives

12 Motivated Gardeners in Preston CT were getting “ Down & Dirty” learning how to elevate their meals by cooking with herbs, learning how they could use herbs for gifts, and learning how herbs are beneficial for health benefits at my

#Herb Gardening 101 class this week at our local #Preston Public Library.

Probably even better than the learning, was the camaraderie, the fun that everyone was having. There is something about getting a group of like-minded people together, and letting them get “down & dirty”, playing with plants and soil that brings out the kid in them..that’s what gardening is all about.. it helps you take your mind off your troubles and worries.. doing it with other people, laughing and sharing gardening

war-stories, makes it all even better.

I DO love my job❤️❤️❤️


Connecting People..

creating “ Peas of Mind.. Gardener at a Time..

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