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My Business is Kind of Like a Delectable “Thanksgiving Dinner!! “Really…

I am taking a business class and my teacher asked me who my ideal client is? Here is what I told her:

My Ideal Client is curious and loves good, healthy food …


My business starts with my offering a tasty “cooked turkey.”

So, The curious person calls me, asks me questions and then hires me to help them by doing a Consult for them, their own personalized Garden design. This Design is created for their perfect location and just the right size for the amount of people they will be feeding.( their design is like the “yummy stuffing “added to the “cooked Turkey.”

Oh, as added bonus,( but, of course,) I present their true treasure, their individualized Year Long Planting Chart that lists gardening tasks for each month. ( Now, that’s kind of like adding the “Mashed Potatoes and Gravy” to the meal))!!

This is really good as a stand-alone meal, BUT, now Jan, our GardenGURU says, “ Want a little More? Want me to stick close by, coach you, answer questions and teach you tips about how to make gardening easier and more fun?”

Jan-YourGardenGURU offers us monthly or seasonal coaching, virtually And in person . What?? Home Depot and our local Garden Center doesn’t do that..

Ok, Now it’s like she has added “green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and buttered rolls “to our dinner. I guess it can’t get better than that..

But then, she invites our family and friends and even a couple neighbors who were eating alone before, to join us,

we are NOW a “ family” of sorts.

We are enjoying a “yummy meal, “sharing ideas and laughs and maybe even learning a little.. together in a group.

THAT iS what

Jan’s Garden Club membership is all about.

Contact Jan today.. if you are wanting :

1-to grow your best garden ever,

2-to know best location for growing,

3-to know which plants will grow best?

4-Virtual/ LIVE Coaching classes where you will meet and share ideas with other gardeners, make some new friends.

So, think you are interested?

Want to enjoy just a little part of the meal OR enjoy a complete, satisfying experience , kind of like a

Thanjsgiving Dinner with ALL the extras that come with it??”

Hope you decide to join my new Garden Club:

Jan’s Green Thumb CHUMS



Contact me to find out about my services, enjoy one or ALL:

1- Garden Consults, Garden Designs

2-Garden Coaching/Mentorship


4-Garden Club Membership

( openings starting

Sunday, January 30,2022)

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