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May Gardening Task

Hi there,

Ok, winter “ Rest-time” is over, time to put that book down and get outside, get Busy.

May is here and it Is s busy time for gardeners. If you haven’t already done so, you want to start preparing your planting beds, raking off sticks and other debris, tilling, adding compost to feed your soil.

I know it may seem daunting, but just take a few minutes a day to check off these tasks as your time allows. The soil is still cool, so warm weather crops, such as tomatoes and peppers will fare better if you wait till later in May, early June.

Other crops, like I have shown on this chart, can be planted or started by seed.

It is an exciting time, please take time to enjoy Mother Nature’s show, all the trees and flowers that are popping open and coming alive everywhere.

We are still in the cool season so we still have to watch out for really cool nights, watch out for frost in low-lying areas, keep your frost covers handy.

Happy Gardening!!

P.S. if you have specific questions or concerns, please send them to me, I love the idea of having a community of like-minded people here working out any problem areas, and sharing successes.

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