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Let's get "Down&Dirty" playing in the Garden

Getting "Down&Dirty"​ Let's Plant a Garden

  • "Who knew that starting your seeds could be So much Fun, AND relaxing?"​ Dawn Mattos

I would never have imagined that my business would have touched and made such a difference in so many lives, including my own. What an awesome month this has been. My Garden Coaching Business started with my training last February and then my starting to provide services last April: Garden Consults, Garden Designs, and Installations. I started getting busier and more serious in my own little greenhouse in 2021 to keep myself occupied and less stressed about the Covid pandemic, and I have re-discovered that growing plants, and playing in the dirt is just as beneficial to us all, young and older. Besides working with individuals to create their beautiful spring Garden designs,

I will be starting to work with several local Assisted Living facilities to provide garden programs for their residents. Many of these folks were avid gardeners in their younger years and want to have that activity still in their lives, even on a much smaller scale. Others have never gardened, and I really look forward to showing them how much fun it is to play in the dirt AND to wake up every morning looking forward to nurturing, taking care of a plant, maybe a nice, wonder-smelling lavender plant, or a beautiful plant that will bestow a magnificent, colorful flower in short weeks to come. I also look forward to meeting and growing with lots more people at my upcoming Herb-Planter, Salad Garden, and Kitchen Garden workshops in April and May. I am even starting a Garden Academy; this is a private VIP club that will include 2-3 hours of my personal 1-1 Mentorship, PLUS workshops for learning gardening skills And monthly meeting with other like-minded gardeners for Q&A and laughs.

If you are interested in finding out how to become part of this worthwhile group in order to nurture your gardening skills, and to have more success this year in your own garden, reach out to me at Watch my Facebook page for upcoming events, Virtual and LIVE.. (2) Jan-yourgardenguru | Facebook

Let's Get Growing Together soon!

Want more info on how I can help you to have more success with your Gardening efforts?

Emal me at

See you soon,

Jan Mallett

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