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It’s Time to Save Your SEEDS, getting Ready for Next year..

Winter is coming and here in the Northeast, we Know it’s only a matter of time before Mother Nature blesses us with our first frost and beautiful snowfall.

It was actually 10 years ago, October 29th, when we had the 2011 Snowtober Nor’easter blizzard and heavy snowfalls that extended north from West Virginia and caused havoc here in CT. for close to a week.

So, now is the time to bring in your tender plants or add hoop houses to your raised beds to try to extend your growing season. You might be able to continue eating your own fresh greens and eating your hardier herbs till at least December,

( if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise”, as they say).

I would suggest also getting outside in rhe afternoons,(before the frost sets in), and deadhead some of your favorite annuals and perennials,like I’m showing you in this video. ( make sure they are dry or they will just rot, no good).

Put your seeds in paper envelopes, or small Manila folders and put them somewhere warm and dry. Be sure to label and you can save them all or share with your other gardener friends. Actually, what a great excuse for a garden party.. like I need an excuse..😎😎🧙🧙😍😍

As Always, I am here to help you with your gardening questions,or to help you plan snd plot out your garden for next year.

Did you realize that the retail gardening industry itself is a billion-dollar operation? They make loads of money selling you plants and planting material, but NOW, by working with me, you can say that you actually have your OWN Garden Coach, a mentor who not only can help you plan your ideal garden, but also “ holds your hand”,( if you need it) , and is available for weekly or seasonal guidance when you need it too. It’s kind of like having your own attorney, insurance expert, or Realtor; consider me to be one of the experts you can rely on for that special personal service you want and deserve to have.

Happy Gardening,


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