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It’s getting HOT🔥HOT🔥HOT🔥 in My Kitchen!!

It’s August here in CT and it’s HOT, so what am I doing? Making even MORE heat in my kitchen.. WHY?? Because I love pain?? ☹️☹️😢😢

No, Because I have a bumper crop of luscious red goodness 🍅🍅and I have to save it for those winter months when I only have store-bought tomatoes to cook with or cardboard-tasting ones from the grocery store.

I have done my harvesting, and now I am making like Martha Stewart, preparing my tomatoes to add to my yummy Swiss Chard soup And freezing some smaller packages to add to other winter recipes.🥫🥫

I will give you these brief instructions and if you still need more details or if you want to know any of my other “ secrets” about growing tomatoes, or other veggies, just give me a call, I love to share. I’ll add my Tomato-Swiss Chard Soup recipe here too, in case you have lots of chard, spinach or any other greens you are growing and want to cook.🥬🥬

Freezing Tomatoes

1- wash off tomatoes

2-put a few tomatoes in boiling hot water for about 1-2 minutes

3-quickly take out those tomatoes and then place in ICE cold water for 2-3 minutes

4- peel off tomato skin

5- gently squeeze out extra juice, place in crockpot ( if making soup,) …or, if you are freezing to use later, place on cookie sheet, 1 layer, leave space in between


Cover and Freeze overnight and then separate and place frozen tomatoes in pint or quart bags, as you will use them later and put in freezer.( FYI, Vacuum Bags are “ Magic”, and so fun to use!!)


For Swiss Chard soup or to cook down for recipes:

1-put 1 quart of peeled tomatoes in crockpot( to keep kitchen a bit cooler), temperature is on high for 4 hours.

Add your spices to taste, I add about 1 tsp each of mixed herbs, garlic powder, fresh minced garlic( always better),1/2 tsp. of salt and pepper.

2-I transfer tomato sauce to stovetop pot, and Add 2 cups chicken broth. Bring to gentle boil.

3- Add 3-4 large handfuls of cleaned, chopped greens to hot broth. Cook until greens are tender, about 5 minutes.

You can eat this yummy soup now, or add some really tiny pasta or rice for a change. Be careful though, the pasta or rice will soak up your broth.. don’t add too much , maybe only a 1/2 cup to 4-6 cups of broth. You really do have to experiment to determine what proportions are perfect for you. Now YOU can feel like Martha Stewart too!!

Bon Appetit!!

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