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I have a “ confession “ of sorts…

Someone said “ if you love what you are doing, you never have to work another day in your life.” Sharing gardening tips, teaching people how to grow herbs and their own Kitchen Gardens is such a joyful experience for me.

This week, I have been fortunate to work with 2 ends of the spectrum of age demographics.

I was thrilled to do a Garden Consult for a local group of Boy Scouts who had recently inherited a large 18-raised bed community garden . They hired me to create a Garden Design for them, and to provide a Planting chart for them for the entire year, so that they had a specific plan as to how, what,and when to plant. I am hoping to continue working with them, coaching and mentoring them to have a really successful growing season.

Later in the week, I then worked with 10 older folks, some considered to be seniors,( ok, at least over 40 years old, Ha). I presented an Herb Growing 101 class, teaching how to plant, grow and use various herbs . I can tell you that this experience never gets old to me.

Seeing a group of people, who formerly were strangers, now, elbow deep in the dirt, “ playing” and laughing like kids, only joy was showing in their faces.

Maybe it’s just the thrill of getting back to “ normal”, being 3-D with people again, but I think that getting down-to-earth and growing together, had a lot to bringing those 10 people And me to a beautiful place..peace🙏🙏🙏😍😍

If you know some folks, young or older,

who need some joy in their lives, please remember that gardening, growing your own food,,and having a mentor working alongside them can be a wonderful gift for them. I would be honored to share what I have learned, and am always anxious to learn from them st the same time.

Happy Holidays,





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