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Happy SPRING!!🌹🪴🥬

Please join me this week to celebrate EARTH WEEK, make a difference for our world, take a few minutes each day to help clean an outdoor area, plant a tree or start your spring garden. Every little effort makes a DIFFERENCE!!

I have been busy this year learning a lot from my Awesome, motivating speakers who presented programs for my 10-week program,” Eat WELL, Live STRONG”.

We learned how growing and eating Whole Foods helps us to not only live longer but also to be live a healthier life.

My beginner and veteran gardeners learned seed-starting skills at my Down&Dirty in the GARDEN” classes at Odin Farm.  I can’t wait to see progress from these gardeners.

Last week, I hosted my first in the next 10 weeks lecture/ demo series, “ Tip-Toe Through the Tulips at MALERBA’S FARM in Norwich. I will be touring the greenhouses and sharing tips and techniques to help gardeners experience more growing success.

I am passionate about teaching skills to enable more people to experience great JOY from their Garden experiences.

This month I will be helping my Gardening Academy students install their gardens. If you or someone You know, needs some growing help, please give me their name, and I will reach out to them.

I can offer a little help, (maybe an hour of coaching), or I can offer a lot of help, go shopping for plants, install a small OR large garden and even help with maintenance or an educational program if the garden is located at a school, care facility or commercial space.

Let’s Get GROWING…TOGETHER..👨‍🌾👨‍🌾

Jan Mallett


“ Connecting People,

  One Gardener at a TIME..

Creating Peas of Mind

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