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Another new KITCHEN GARDEN is growing in New London County

Jeanne was ready for a change.. Covid had hit her and her husband’s life really hard and she wanted to add some FUN to her life, a new hobby.. Gardening!! She loves to entertain and imagined having Garden parties again and to enjoy her friends’ company, maybe even to serve some fresh goodies grown from her very own Kitchen Garden.

Jeanne also has grandchildren who visit and love to garden with their “Bubbe”.

My team cleared out the overgrown plants that were not adding anything positive to her yard, OR her life, and we built her an awesome, easy-care elevated Raised Bed, full of veggies, herbs and flowers.

Everyday now, Jeannie is anxious to get up early and to go outside to water her green “ babies” and to see what surprise food will be waiting for her.

Planting and Growing in her own Kitchen Garden has helped to put a spark back into a Jeanne’s days.

Her Kitchen Garden, something FUN to look forward to. My team and I are ready to create your perfect dream Garden space, just Your size.

Call me or text me today to set up your initial Consult. 860-884-1145.






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